This child NEEDS to know where his father is. Do you have information?


  1. Looks like he really loved those kids..What a shame..

  2. Can the owner of this site contact me. I know exactly what he's saying.. I have a brother who talks just like Brandon on the recording, because he ( my brother has a speech impediment . Thank you. It's very important. You'll be shocked.

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    1. Can you tell us what you hear?

    2. Susan, can you please share what you hear?

    3. Please share what you believe he said!

    4. Operator: 9-1-1 Emergency

      Brandon: Yes, I'm in the middle of a field [Unintelligible - and stabbed for just pushing guys over].* They're out here going towards Abilene on both sides. † My truck ran out of gas; there's one car here, and guys chasin' [me] through the woods [long breath] please hurry.

      Operator: Okay, now run that 'round me one more...

      Brandon: There's one guy talking to 'em/him. I accidentally ran into 'em/him.‡

      Operator: Ahh, you ran into 'em. Okay.

      Brandon: Just the first guy.

      [Traffic in background, possible crossing a bridge]

      Unknown: [Unintelligible - I got cut/I got shot]

      Operator: [Speaking over Brandon] Do you need an ambulance?

      Brandon: Yeah, no, I need the cops.

      Operator: Okay. Is anybody hurt? Hello? Hello? Hello?

      †: He's saying that there were people on both sides of the road, and they are heading north on the 277 towards Abilene.
      ‡: There [was] one guy talking to [them;] I accidentally ran into him.

  4. At one point it sounded like he told her or whoever may have found him in the field that he "has kids at home...a five year old and an eight year old."