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  1. brandon has such a beautifull infectious smile,such a sad case and i dont feel he voluntarily went missing.I hope and pray for this family and hope closure comes soon.

    1. Brenda, please have a look at this clip and give me your thoughts. It takes place about a year after Brandon's disappearance and I think it is in the same area (though I can not say for certain). Thank you Brenda! http://www.ktxs.com/video/murder-on-the-road-homicide-investigated-along-highway-277/12347402

    2. Spleenie, that happened just on the other side of Abilene.

    3. there is some interesting viewpoints on reddit in a new group called r/brandonlawsonsearch if anyone is interested in some nonconformist and somewhat controversial takes on the case.

  2. maybe his girlfriend hired someone to kill him because of their argument